Monday, March 29, 2010

Today's Gift~ God is Good

I just had to slip ONE picture of the kitties in . They get
bigger each day. Their eyes are not open yet..but they
are so dear. They bring me pure and sweet.

buds on the lilacs

Columbine coming up

The bulbs are blooming

Of course ..I had to treat myself to some inside too.

all of the above!!


Cherrie said...

Beautiful spring flowers!

Betty said...

I love your kitten and flower photos. Thank you for sharing!


NanaKaren said...

Darling kitties! Enjoy them! Your pictures are really nice....haven't seen trees budding here yet, but the crocuses & tulips are popping through now.

Enjoy spring!

Diane said...

Enjoy each and every joy, Deena. They're lovely. The kitties are just precious. Diane

Anonymous said...

The kittens eyes will open at around 14 days. Traci