Friday, April 30, 2010

The Good, The Blue and The Ugly

I hate snakes..this one is little...but I hate any snake!
I love worms..and toads...frogs.

Explore Nature. I'll share what Rich & I found in my next post


Ginnymo said...

Great photos Deena, even if you hate snakes..Ha! Ha! I think he's a handsome fella myself. I used to catch grass snakes when I was little. Probably still would if I could..Ha! Hugs!

Cherrie said...

Great post! Beautiful blooms!

Cindy B said...

lovely photos!!! (the picture of the snake sure made me cringe though..eeek! ) I am with you on snakes!

Debra said...

I'm not really in love with them either, but I saw a big one last night. We just stared at each other. My geese are scared of them!