Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Weeping Cherry & Red Bud Tree

I do not think it will snow again till winter..Spring is here!!


Diane said...

Occasionally I will run across redbud tree in something I'm reading. Now I know what they look like seeing yours. Thanks, Deena. Love the weeping cherry too. Diane

Lea said...

ahhhhhhhhhh a weeping cherry!
I have been adoring them for two years now and have yet to buy one.
Today,.... I'm adoring yours, and love my visits to the singing woods.
I have a woodpecker that keeps coming and think I should buy him some special food. Any ideas?

Cherrie said...

I love the weeping cherry, I wonder if it would grow here in Arizona?

Debra said...

Lea-we use suet to draw our woodpeckers. I think Deena does too.
Deena-I LOVE your owl!!! I am so jealous! Your trees are gorgeous!
Love, Debra

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