Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Want to Keep Them ALL

They are not mine to keep..but I wish we could.

Of the two black ones~~one's a girl, one's a boy
The two black and white with Maynard (from Doby Gillis) goatee's~~one's a girl, one's a boy
the striped guy with the sad eyes is a boy.

I just think they are so sweet~~They come to see you, they listen to you talk
and they are trying hard to climb out of their box. The play with
each other now, not just curl up and sleep.


Michelle Palmer said...

They are so dear! Thank you for sharing their sweet, sweet faces~

Cherrie said...

There eyes are open now. They are so cute! I like the little striped guy!

Anonymous said...

You should-it is fun to have a house full of cats. I had 12 at one point in my life that I rescued!! Once all spayed and neutered they will be great fun!!! Traci

Anne Marie said...

sooo cute! we only have 2 kitties right now - they grow up too fast (like my kids!)

thanks for stopping by the farm today.......midwest it says? why don't you come to my barn/farm sale! it's in May in Northern Illinois....

can you go?