Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Daddy Takes His Turn & Some Bunny Loves Me

Isn't this just sweet?? Daddy Finch is feeding his lil baby. He kept an eye out for me the whole time I was there. He'd grab some seed, look at me, feed his babe & look at me again.
We have so many different birds feeding their babes right now , but they are very wary of humans during "nursery time", I am lucky to get any pictures.
The hollyhocks have begun to bloom, so I'll be posting a few pics of all the colors & strains. I love them, from the singles to the fluffy ones like roses..they are delightful & easy to grow. Every garden needs some hollyhocks.
********************************************************************************************************************Here's one of my hand did creations. If you enjoy folk art~
a visit to

The Primitive Gathering
would be most pleasing.


Wendy said...

Love your wabbits Deena! ANd your new background is very nice too!

Christe' said...

I love being able to bird watch with you Deena. I can spend alot of time just sitting in the garden & watching my little birds take care of their little families. Most of our nests seem to be in the rose arbors, which gives me a "birds eye view" of them each day.
Might your hollyhocks that are about to bloom be from seed that I sent to you? I hope they bloom in the lovely old deep purple-black for you. I look forward to seeing pictures of your hollyhocks.

The Tattered Nest said...

Love these rabbits...you did a great job on them!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Deena, I love your prim bunnies!! So very sweet sitting in a terra cotta pot ~ just a quick note to tell you I've tagged you...xxoo, Dawn

Deb said...

Such sweet photos of the finch in your garden - and I agree ... every garden should have hollyhock. Ours were started from seed 17 years ago when we moved into our home. Your primitive bunny creations are gorgeous!

Sylvia Anderson said...

Thank you for sharing nature's beauty with us Deena! I live in the suburbs, and I don't get to see all of the wonderful birds and butterfly's....so seeing yours is just so special to me. :)
Your little wabbits are lovely too!

SweetAnnee said...

Thanks to all of you!
and YES Christe'
those hollyhocks
I started from your seed
are near blooming time!!
can't wait