Saturday, June 23, 2007

Some Hollyhocks

They've begun to bloom

In pinks & Reds

Whites are lovely too

Some are singles & some are like roses

Even powder puff looking

Here's my only surviving FoxGlove. Mother Nature played tricks on the others and SHE won.

I love Hollyhocks in a cottage garden. Plant them EVERY year for continual blooms.
Hollhocks are a biennial~You can plant the seeds in Autumn or Spring. The first year you get foliage, the next year, blooms..then they are done.
If anyone wants seeds this Autumn, just email me from my Profile Page & I'll be happy to share. **I'll mail
them to you as they go to seed, with instructions for planting**


pamelahuntington said...

HI Deena,
wow, you hollyhocks and so
beautiful, and you have such
lovely colors, do you have
foxglove, too?? Oh, I would
adore to have some seeds!
And I love paper face creation, too!
If we lived closer I could chase away any snakes for you...LOL

Lorraine said...

Love your blog's look, sissy:o)! Thanks for sharing your hollyhocks..they look awesom!!

Chris said...

I love your hollyhocks. I have tried again and again to grow them here but they never seems to take, too many slugs and snails maybe. The colours are beautiful. I will enjoy looking at yours.

Chris said...
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Katie said...

Oh I can't wait for mine to bloom now. They are my husband's favorites...they do remind me of a little cottage in the woods, and bumblebees and little birds. I love your one foxglove, too! It is rather regal all by itself, isn't it?! Happy Gardening!

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos Deena. Your hollyhocks look wonderful..very "cottagy" and I love the foxglove!

Deb said...

Your hollyhock are wonderful - we have them in our garden growing in front of a little picket fence & they grow quite high :-}

Anonymous said...

Dear Deena,

Got your link from Bliss Guild, and I have to say a big, big thank you for the lovely pics of the hollyhocks and foxglove! I am relishing the images as I'm the teensiest bit jealous of your success with these... I planted seeds but no harvest because of a severe drought where we are! Thanks much for the pics... LOVE your blog!


The Tattered Nest said...

Hollyhocks are my favorite! I would love some seeds, but I have tried many times and I can't get them to grow for me...yours are beautiful! take care,Gail

wisteriagirl said...

Love hollyhocks and foxglove!

Sylvia Anderson said...

Lovely flowers Deena! And you take beautiful photo's too!! I can smell them now.....

Rilda Peel said...

Love Love Love them! The hollyhocks are beautiful. I would love to have some and may just give them a try. Thanks for sharing and blessings to you for sharing.