Friday, June 08, 2007

She sings ALL day

Oh Joy, the baby wrens are hatched & mommy isn't NEAR as shy now...She sits in the tree right at the edge of the
house & sings ALL day. The bird box is on the inside of the fence right at the house edge, so the tree lets her see
her babes . My bedroom window is upstairs right where the tree I love hearing her.

Today I went to the box & mama was in there taking care of her chirping babes..she flew out, they kept chirping & moving so much the bird house was moving..OH what pleasure I got..but mama started her lil cry & babes stopped
their sweet chirping. She must have been telling them *that Deena is trying to look in, BE STILL*

I hope to get a pic of the babes peeking out soon, so come back for more.

OH I also found a new butterfly today, he flew into the garage & landed on hubby's riding jacket while I was following him around with the camera..Got a couple GREAT pictures..tis a Mourning Cloak ...and it was so irridescent..and lovely..
Here he is!!!
and oh we did make SURE he got back outside..and flew off

isn't he lovely??
The Singing Woods is delightful, your friend, Deena


Lana said...

Deena, your little wren is precious! I especially like the 2nd photo where you can see her outline behind the tree branches.


Deb said...

Hi Deena
Beautiful photos. We have a family of sparrow in our garden & enjoy watching Mama Sparrow feed them. Your butterfly is gorgeous.

Katie said...

That mourning cloak is gorgeous! I keep my "bug book" out at all times so we can identify our pretties around here. Recently we found a moth as big as a hummingbird - it was a Royal Moth. He was huge and deep red...he didn't mind sitting on fingers even, but I think it was because he was bit cold...
Your bird is so much fun. I love following her "home-keeping"...she is a very good home-keeper, your wren.

CARole said...

hello Deena. I totally relate to your story about your little wren. I have sooo many in my yard and they NEVER stop talking! One of my birdhouses is in a tree, where I have my clothsline hanging. Last week while I was hanging my to dry, I noticed the momma leaving the nest and those babies were chirping up a storm, until I went to take a peek. They stopped immediatly, as though someone had pulled the plug, LOL, they lay there like little statues, eyes closed. I got such a chuckle. Isn't nature wonderful.

Lorraine said...

Aww....what sweet little birdies! That butterfly is so sure know your butterflies!