Monday, June 04, 2007

Finally, My LiL Wren Friend

I have been trying & trying to get my little wren to pose for pictures, but she's just too shy..Well, I saw her on the hickory tree, got the camera & I actually got a GOOD picture of her. She SINGS all day long~~ I wake up to her singing in the tree at my bedroom window.
They've nested in the silliest bird house we have.It's missing a piece, hangs ON the FENCE, but they seem to love it. Wrens boys build two or three nest starts & the wren girl picks her fave, then Mr. finishes the one she picks.
I've taken a picture of a bit of nest ..only the camera can see!! The top two bird house pictures are of the blue bird house that they nested in. The other little green box , was an alternative that SHE must not have chosen!!

I can't wait for the babes to hatch..She's a little House Wren and those babes will have their heads out when
we pass by ..begging for food.. so tiny and sweet!!

I've been trying to get pictures of the Downy Woodpeckers feeding their babes, but they are WAY too shy with the lil ones around..but I'll keep trying!!
Hope you'll check back, smiles, Deena


Lana said...

oh what a sweet little thing! You always get such good bird pics Deena!


ps. Picky wren, lol! I'd take the green box in a heartbeat!

Christine said...

I really enjoy visiting and seeing all your beautfiul photos of your singing woods.
You live in one of loveliest places and to see such wonderful birds and animals. Some quite different birds than what we have here.
Wish I could sit on the porch with you and just listen to them all.

Katie said...

Your little wren girl sounds like me...but then that is our perrogative as women, isn't it? To change our minds? I love your posts that share your knowledge of our little bird friends!

Suzanne said...

Oh Deena~ Your bird photos are always so sweet!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Deena, what sweet pictures! I love that little wren!

I posted pictures of your sweet chick on my blog....just wanted to stop over and thank you again! It is beautiful!