Friday, February 15, 2008

Fermented Treats, Wine of the Birds

 A Cedar Wax Wing ..last buds, fermented  fruit
a yummy for the birds


Lenka said...

Well� Not only for birds� In my childhood at Kamchatka we, kids, picked up Mountain Ash berries after the frost, and they were so sweet and so ful of flavors. Oh, gosh� How many memories bring your photo�
Deena, I hope you feel good today, I use to check your posts every morning, and few days it was nothing. I worried little bit�

Lori said...

Deena, what a truly gorgeous picture, it looks like a Christmas card:)
i hope you are feeling well:) i have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

mon@rch said...

wonderful photo and the waxwings just love those!

Plum said...

We usually only see the cedar waxwings when the Madrone tree has fruit in late summer. The tree is alive with activity. I could watch them for hours from the second story bathroom window.

Deborah said...

Thank you for this new photo. I've never seen a Cedar Wax Wing! It's beautiful! I'm having a terribly hard time keeping my feeders filled!

I hope you are having a very good day - feeling chipper!


Naturegirl said...

Deena I am most pleased that you introduced yourself to me! We are kindred spirits lovers of nature and
I too was diagnosed with breast cancer in Spring of 2004. I am ok..heading for my 4 yr. check soon. I will hold you ~my siter~ in my prayers.
BTW I also have a possum that visits lately for night feedings..seeds and nuts leftover from the daily feeders.All my Nature visitors are dear to me and
most welcome and I name them too! I even break my ankle
feeding them..that is a journey I posted during Christmas weeks.
I hope we will exchange visits again! hugs NG

Mary said...

I love this photo of the cedar waxwings. As you know, I love birds and bird nests, just as you do. Thanks for sharing.

Love and blessings,