Saturday, February 02, 2008

My Feathered Friends AGAIN

A male Downy Woodpecker through the
back window just as the last snow of January



Betzie said...

Hi Deena,
I just love your bird photos! I have had some trouble with my finch feeders getting clogged up and the food rotting. Ugh. I so wanted to attract the goldfinches.
Love the woodpeckers! We have the Downey's here too, but I only see them once in a while.

Stephanie said...

Hi Deena! How can I NOT love a site like this with my last name being BIRD?!?!

Beautiful pics!

I'm staying with my mother who is sick right now, but can't wait til I'm back home & have more time to "visit" all your pretty blogs & comment more on them!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I always enjoy your bird photos, being the bird-watchers that we are! We saw a giant woodepecker this morning - can't remember their name right off hand -- they are magnificent.

Sea Angels said...

Hi Deena, now this is wonderous to behold....don't you just love the little things, and I just love your blog, you have made my day special, thankyou.
Hugs Lynn xx

Lori said...

oh, he is a sweetie!!!
congrats on your win at Miss Rhea's!!! horray for you!!!

Mary said...

Hi Deena,
Thanks for visiting my blog, and for identifying my visitor as a falcon. I've been scrolling down your blog and enjoying all the pictures. We see a few woodpeckers here in NJ, as well as some mourning doves. Lots of blue jays and cardinals, tufted titmice and black-capped chickadees. They are my favorites! I wish I could get decent pictures of them all...but it's wonderful just to watch them, isn't it?

bella said...

this image somehow makes winter worth it, all the cold and snow.
So stunning.

Mary said...

I love all birds. This is a great photo and tells a story all in itself. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos.