Monday, November 16, 2009

My Nature Friends

This guy was in the field last friday
when I took my walk.  He just looked at
me for a bit.

You may have to click to enlarge this one
Mr Hawk was perched on the deck right
under the bird feeders..looking for
breakfast.  I was inside and it's
rainy out so I didn't get a GOOD picture.
Not a creature was stirring ..they know when
he's around.

I spied this nest (wren) in a tree at the edge of the singing
woods. Make entirely of small twigs woven together.


Diane said...

Thanks for sharing, Deena. I do not like Mr. Hawk.

I hope you're feeling better these days. I know you don't like to talk about it a lot but I hope this means you're doing great.

Mary said...

Deena, Such beautiful photos. I'm sure you were awed by the presence of the deer as you took your walk in the field.

Mr. Hawk is a necessity in the food chain and they are beautiful, graceful creatures. I love watching them glide on the wind currents.

Wrens are such ambitious creatures and such great architects. Thanks for sharing. I hope all is well with you.


Cheryl said...

The photograph of the deer is lovely....we do not get them in this area, they always looks so gentle.

I love Hawks...they have to eat to survive, that is the way of things.
You must feel priviledged to have him so close.

I hope that you are doing well.......

Ginnymo said...

Absolutely an awesome photo of that deer Deena!! I think that is neat that the hawk was that close. And the Wren's nest is so neat. I've never had the opportunity to see a bird's nest. It's amazing how they build them. Hugs.

Jayne said...

Right on the deck? He made his presence known didn't he? :c) Love your nature friend Deena!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Deena, We have hawks around on occasion also. I've never seen them CLOSE to our deck --but when all of the birds are GONE, I know that one has to be around.

I don't like snakes either... Makes me shiver... But--I do like your Star tree stump... That one is gorgeous!!!!

Hope you are doing okay. Glad you like Adriana.. Have you read "Big Stone Gap"??? That's my hometown.


Lori said...

what a wonderful picture of the buck who visited you Deena, he looks so majestic!!!

The Victorian Parlor said...

What beautiful pictures!



Lea said...

Great pictures Deena.
Mr. Hawk right up on your deck rail... that's COOL. ~ I LOVE watchin the hawks out here. One day I was ridin the fouwheeler in the pasture and as I neared one of our big pine trees, a hawk dropped a snake he was feeding on. I felt bad for interrupting his dinner and hoped the snake didnt get away.

I hope everythings going well for you. I think of you often! and I still LOVE the picture from you!!

Anonymous said...

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Daune said...

What kind of hawk is that? I only see red-tailed hawks, so I don't recognize this one.
I'm sure you realize how fortunate and blessed you are!

Debra said...

I have missed visiting you here. I love the photos and the friendships you have with your furred and feathered 'people.' Love you.~Debra