Friday, November 27, 2009

Wild Things

My daughter Nicole's dog Bella comes to visit

My cat Mya doesn't like her AT ALL, Mya hisses her warning

Bella runs to play with Mya, who runs to get away
hissing the entire time.

Poor Bella.

They were wild


Mary said...

Deena, give them time. They may come to like one another.

Hoping you're well, my friend.

Diane said...

I agree with Mary. But it sure can be upsetting until it all smooths out. That little puppy is so darling. Your kitty just can't stand all that exuberance.

Cheryl said...

Hi Deena....just such a cute post....
I am sure the cat will have the upperhand, they usually do.

Hope that life is treating you kindly.....

Jayne said...

Maybe as time goes by Mya will tolerate her a bit better. :c)

Ginnymo said...

This is such a cute post Deena! The cat doesn't like someone else in her territory. Ha! And if it's an older cat it sure doesn't want to be pounced on by some little puppy.. and if she does want to play it will have to be on her terms.
Hugs to you!

ShySongbird said...

Poor little Bella, she looks such a sweetie but at the moment Mya is definitely boss, I suppose she is just laying down ground rules really :)

I do hope you are doing well Deena.

The Victorian Parlor said...

Too cute! Bella is adorable but I can see why Mya isn't interested. Cats usually don't like those fast moving little creatures:).



Anonymous said...

Hi Deena,
Just make sure that Kitty gets extra loving so she knows she's still at the top of the food chain and eventually she will toerate the little squirt. Hope you're feeling great and enjoying the little miracles of Winter.

Anonymous said...

Glad you like my turkey photo....It was delicious....My first and I am no longer fearful of turkey making.....brined the turkey in buttermilk, brown sugar and salt......and just in case....give everyone martinis....if you lived closer...I would have you over for one....maybe two!!
Karen Eileen

Debra said...

Hi Deena~
I love your cat-she's beautiful. I think she's upset that her little kingdom was invaded.

Anonymous said...

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as always starzie said...

Dear Deena,
Looks like Bella just wanted to have some fun! What an adorable dog. Is she a puppy? Mya is a beautiful orange tabby. I bet she is good company when you aren't feeling well. Cats just know that snuggling next to their humans make them feel much better. I love cats!

Take care my dear,

Hugs from Darlene/

My Feathered Nest said...

They are adorable! We have five in the house, as you can witness on my blog and they are all getting along wonderfully. They were each adopted in a different year from our humane association. Our home is fuller because of more ways than one.