Friday, August 24, 2007

If it's Friday, Tis Show & Tell

It's time for Show & Tell . I have been waiting to share this with my friends.

We don't get these lil sweeties at my humble abode, but at my daughter's 
apartment building ..this is the THIRD brood Mr & Mrs have had.
What sweet lil Barn Swallows, mama is on one light, while daddy watches from another door's light. They both help feed their lil babes too. I love their colors, and the NEST..oh my
goodness a work of art. With decorative layers of mud too. I'm in awe at their precise work.

Here's the two lil guys , looking for FOOD & all they see is ME

I hope you love seeing them as much as I did. God sends us small gifts like
this that we sometimes don't stop to enjoy.
fondly, Deena


Lana said...

Awww Deena ~ God's handiwork and the handiwork of his creatures are awesome, aren't they?

Lana said...
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Lana said...

Sorry 'bout the double post, only now it's a triple post since I wanted to let you know it was me that goofed, lol!

Deb said...

Hi Deena
An absolutely precious post, words & photos. A perfect "show and tell".

Suzanne said...

Deena, this is so sweet. What a beautiful little nest, with hungry little mouths! :)

Lorraine said... sweet!:o)
Deena, you've been tagged for the Middle Name Game! Go to my blog to see how to play!!

Rachael said...

Ohhhhhhhhh I love those birdies Deena~ sooo adoreable! I have been reading up on all your posts Ive missed, and the whole time saying~ oHH ohhhh OHHHHHHHH!!!! I LOVE your blog girlie!