Friday, August 31, 2007

It's Friday~Time for Show & Tell

Look what I found as I was watering?? LOL, it chirped or I would never have noticed . I wonder, do you know what this fun insect is?? I do, NOW, but I was calling it a Leaf Hopper..LOL, is there even such a thing??

This guy, well hubby called me from his cell phone, said get the camera & 
get out here! So I RAN out , camera in hand.
He's about the size of my thumb & the greenest frog/toad I've seen in my yard.
I can't find him in my Amphibian Book

Show & Tell Friday
is hosted by  Kelli ~thanks for starting a tradition ~~

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primitivebettys said...

Ok Deena.... why do you have pretty green frogs? All we have here are big ol' toads! LOL BTW, my sweet friend.... I just tagged ya! Please stop by my blog to see what ya need to do.