Thursday, November 01, 2007

More pictures of my Praying Friend

Isn't he SWEET??
I just love him..He was on top of our Great Room window.
and then I found him another day down the sunroom.
We had to put Hannah in ..(our dog).. just to be sure
she didn't try to eat my friend. 
I think my praying mantis is praying for ME!!


Sharon said...

He is awesome! I love praying mantis! We get them around our house too. My sons used to catch them and observe them for a few days and then let them go.

You have a great camera!

I, like the little critter here, am praying for you to get healed!

:0) Sharon

kecia said...

yes, praying mantis's are so awesome - although for years they gave me the heebie geebies because when i was little i lived in the tropics and they were everywhere! once i bent over to smell a plumeria flower and one scrambled up my arm and that's when it started!

did you know you can mail order praying mantis's and lady bugs for your garden? how cool is that?

kecia said...

umm, however, i still can't seem to like "stick" bugs very much!